When Good Is Not Good Enough

We read the account of Christ visiting Mary and Martha’s house in Luke 10:38-42. I have heard many messages preached over the years from this passage. If you would allow me, I would like to bring to your remembrance a couple of points.

Martha is a good woman and hostess. In verse 38, she happily welcomes Christ into her house. We must receive or welcome Christ in our lives also.

Verse 40 describes Martha as being a servant in action. Serving is a good thing- not an evil thing. Martha is not lazy however, she is busy with service. Many of us are also busy with service: Family, Church, Jobs, Neighbors, Friends, etc. A good thing, right?

In verse 41 Christ recognizes her service. Not a word from him about her service being evil. She is a good woman. He rather chooses to instruct her lovingly that good choices are not always the best choices.

One thing is needful. Mary has chosen the good part.” It shall not be taken from Mary. How often we need reminded that just because we are busy with good things, does not mean it is the best for our walk with God.

Where do we find the best for our spiritual man? How do we receive the best for our soul? Mary gives us Martha's the Where and How in her example. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus focused on Him alone. You and I must put our good busy-ness to the side and get alone with Christ. Prayer and meditation in His presence, intently focused on Him for growth and maturity of the spiritual man. Mary heard His word, so must we read His word. If you do not already, I encourage you to have a daily intake of God’s Word. Covid-19 has taught us the importance of good Church services. His word is preached, taught, and testified in these services. Don’t let your good things keep you from the best. God Bless

- John Sewell

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