The Terror of Tares

Matthew 13:24-30 is such an interesting text of Scripture. It is given to us in these verses and then more thoroughly explained in verses 36-43 by the request of the disciples. The text so clearly shows distinction between our work for God and the enemies’ work against God. These tares are the result of our enemy working against God’s process of planting and harvesting. This process is what we know as the ministerial duties of evangelizing and shepherding souls. It is the sum total of the five fold ministry of Eph. 4:11. Our titles may slightly differ but the work of ministry is revealed in this parable’s view of bringing a harvest from the ground. The irony of the text is that while men reprieved themselves in rest, our arch enemy was working against the harvest. It is interesting to note his awareness of not being able to stop the process that God has put in place. The promise of Isaiah 55:11 is that the Word of God (seed) will not return void. Some will accept while others reject, but the Word will save or condemn based on each individual’s choice. In the text we see the master strategy of satan is to sidetrack us by the frustration of dealing with tares. The question of the servants was, “why tares?” Is there a fault in the process? Is there a fault in the seed? Our Lord’s response was, “an enemy hath done this.” The enemy is working against the harvest!! There is little doubt that great harm has been done to the field by this satanic method of tares. False prophets, false teachers, false apostles, false doctrines, false brethren, etc. comprise this hypocritical element of the church. Every true work of God will be tested by this contrast of purpose. There will be those in the church that seek to manipulate the ministry process for personal gain or self-promotion. We must be spiritually aware of the Simon of Acts 8 among us that wants the power, preeminence, and popularity while rejecting the purity and purpose of ministry. Our position as servants is to be the caretaker of our Lord’s field. It should stir every God-called minister and every true believer to the core when we see these hypocritical elements in God’s field. We will feel the same passion as these servants.

Let’s pull them up!

Let’s expose them for who they are!

Let’s tackle the tares!

Tares, better known as hypocrites or false believers , will exhaust our endurance and frustrate our focus. However, with these thoughts in mind, let us look at these servants who seek to rid the field of tares. Our Lord responded, “Nay!” More damage can and will be done by us trying to humanly reap a heavenly harvest. We must not self promote ourselves to the position of reaping. Our Lord said the angels will deal with this spiritual nuisance in the final harvest. These tares will be burned with eternal fire. According to Paul in

I Cor. 3:6-9, our job is to labor with God in the planting and watering. God gives increase!! Now let us look at verse 30 of the text in Matthew 13. “Let both grow together...” The wheat and tares must both grow. This is one of the most difficult things to behold as a true servant of the Lord with a heart for the field. ‘Tares....!!’

‘growing....!!’ How can this be? Our Lord knows the power of His process can withstand the pressure of the enemies onslaught. This terror of the tares can never stop the glory of good grain. If we lose focus of the wheat we will soon be toiling against tares. Let them go, even if they grow, while we focus on the worth of wheat. The wheat will grow! Let us take firm hold on Psalm 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. Let us ignore the tares for the sake of the true task!! May we sow the seed, work with the wheat, and love the Lord of the harvest.

- Jon Brock

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