The Battlefield Called the Mind

The mind is a battlefield often ignored. We are continuously concerned about the battles going

on in our heart and for our soul but the church as a whole considers the mind and mental health

to be taboo. The mind, however, is the first place we see to create a domino effect in the other

areas. Mental health is important to the church! Some of you who know me know that I have

OCD and have struggled with anxiety and depression. Occasionally I still do. I started posting

on my instagram most Mondays doing a “Mental Health Monday” post and the main theme is

that you are not a bad Christian if you struggle with mental health issues. A lot of people always

say they are “too blessed to be stressed” or that “Christians should always be happy and joyful”

but you can be blessed and joyful without necessarily “feeling” happy like people think

happiness is. Sometimes people in the church will be dismissive and say “oh they just need to

pray and read their Bible more” not knowing that prayer and a Bible verse is all that one person

has to keep them afloat and they still feel like they are sinking. Does God want us to live full of

anxiety and depression? No! But neither does He want us to live with diabetes and broken

bones. It’s the nature of a fallen world. We need to talk about mental health and not be silent

about it. Bear one another's burdens and realize that even though you may not understand,

ignoring it only hurts the people around you. So many young people today face anxiety and

depression among many other things and if we brush it off we are basically brushing them off.

Same goes for the older and middle aged that you may never know have struggled because

they have made a mask to hide behind for fear of being judged “less than” as a Christian. So

many people in the Bible that God used had dealings with anxiety, depression, and doubt. God

doesn’t make mistakes and if we use the resources God has given us through counselors,

doctors, and teachers/preachers, we can turn this battle ground into holy ground. Don’t be

silent! You are not alone!

-Kelsea Taft

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