Called to Cull

The day of Pentecost is widely regarded as the birth of the Christian church. After the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, we see the power of God sweep through the known world. This was a promise from our savior and also a fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. The great commission was now in total action. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Matthew 16:15. The vocation of the disciple was clear. Preach the message of the cross to everyone and everything.

Where did we go wrong? Where did we get off course? Where did we lose sight of the goal?

The Lord graciously saved me in the summer of 2009. I had nothing to offer God other than my problems and sins. I was clueless to church and the “lingo”. When you’re a new convert you have so much zeal. You are ready to listen and take orders from more experienced believers. The feeling of joy is a staple in your life because of the transformation that has and is continuing to take place. Yes, you have your day-to-day struggles but, you are elated when you remember the weight of sin being lifted off of your shoulders. It’s all so new to you and you don’t want the feeling to subside. After a few years you realize the church is made up of people. People with problems, attitudes, bad days, opinions, and everything else that makes them…. People. The longer you remain in the church the more you realize that people are people. In some cases, you start to lose that feeling of what brought you to this place from the very beginning. You’re starting to lose sight of why you’re there. Thus, the culling process begins.

Instead of presenting the gospel, most churches find themselves called to cull. A church that finds pleasure or purpose in segregating who they deem worthy of acceptance and those who should be rejected for their lack of involvement or adherence to certain ideology. When animals are culled, they are separated by distinct features or characteristics. Weaker and less to be desired animals are rejected and only those who pass the test are accepted. Nowhere in scripture did Christ command the church to cull his creation. The great commission was clear.

Just like the new convert losing sight of salvation and the call of God, we more seasoned servants should take self-inventory to make sure we don’t get caught up in the wrong occupation. As a Christian we are to shine a light to a dark world and present the gospel to sinful man. Period. We are not called to cull those who we think are better or more fit for the kingdom and reject those who don’t align with us. Don’t accept the call of the cull!

- Andrew Bellah

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