Be Still

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God.

Be still is a phrase derived from the Hebrew word Rapha meaning “to let go, to release.” It also

means “to stop fighting, put down your hands.” Essentially, it means surrender. This verse was

written in a time of trouble and war. This seems counterintuitive to surrender in battle.

Surrender. What does it mean? What does it look like in my life? To me, surrendering is setting

aside all the ways I protect myself. Being still isn’t a passive act. What if being still

(surrendering) actually means giving up all attempts at self-preservation?

What if surrendering is taking that step that nothing inside me wants to take? There are many

men and women in the Bible that initially resisted God or a situation that He called them to with

understandable excuse.

Moses. How can I go to the King and lead the Isrealites out?

Mary. How can this happen? I have never known a man.

Esther. If a woman goes to the king without being called, she can be put to death.

Jeremiah. I am too young. I don’t know how to speak.

In each circumstance, the person didn’t necessarily want to do what God was asking. They

didn’t want to risk failure, death, or public shaming. Their initial response was to protect

themselves physically and emotionally. True surrender means risking embarrassment, grief,

conflict, critique, pain, or pride in order to do what God has called you to do.


This phrase in its original Hebrew, together with be still actually contains the phrase “in order to

know”. Surrender in order to know.


Know that I am your refuge; your strength; your present help in trouble; your Comforter and King

in uncertain times; your security; your center.

When faced with battles in this life, your initial reaction may be to fight back. We want to protect

ourselves from the battle, the pain, and the uncomfortable. There is so much we gain in the

battles of life. The battles are where we truly get to KNOW God. Surrender is the key.

Surrender in order to know that I am God.

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