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Meet Andrew!

My life was radically changed by the amazing power of Jesus Christ in the summer of 2010. I came to God with many things that had me bound. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. A couple weeks after my eighteenth birthday I was entering my second drug rehab. Like so many others, I was acquainted with a loving savior who broke the chains of sin in my life. Since then, God has allowed me to meet many new friends who have shared their testimonies of God's unwavering faithfulness to those who call him Father. I created this podcast to share the stories I have been privileged to hear to all who will listen. This podcast has many dynamics. We talk about real life and real struggles that we face while we are living on earth. One thing I have learned since being a follower of Christ is that the churches aren't full of perfect saints but, they are full of people. People who need God in a mighty way. Thank you for visiting our site!

-Andrew T. Bellah


Meet Ryan!

Ryan is the faithful co-host to the Podcast. Ryan is an outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting and fishing. What you see is what you get with Ryan. Every episode, he pours his heart out with the intent of helping someone else. Listen to Episode's 11 and 12 to hear his testimony!

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Pentecast is a Christian podcast that shares real life testimonies of people who have sailed the stormy seas of life and have prevailed through the help of God. In a world that is fast paced, we fail to learn from those around us. Life has a way of isolating us. Join Andrew and Ryan as they offer a casual approach to a Christian life. Our plea is simple. Brew some coffee with a stranger and hear their testimony. 

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